These are a few of our clients.

Mohamed Ibrahim Al Mutawa, Alessia Couture LLC

Alessia Couture would like to thank you for all the knowledge that you transferred to us. Being a new organization aiming to be the best couture cleaning in the Middle East, it is important to have experts like you. We were really lucky to have you, especially when we had our first important client, Hermes Boutique. Thanks to you, they are now our regular customer. We really appreciate all the training and advise you provided. We also appreciate your sincerely. You are a very straight forward person and that is important. We are really looking forward to having you again soon in our facility.


Mohamed Ibrahim Al Mutawa
Alessia Couture LLC

Dan Miller, Laundry Locker by Mulberrys

We have worked with Jane for years and she has been a key resource in taking our plant to the next level. She has a tireless work ethic and an encyclopedic knowledge of all aspects of the cleaning, pressing, and assembly process. If you’re looking to improve any part of your business Jane is the person to call.


Dan Miller
Laundry Locker by Mulberrys

Jan Barlow, Jan's Cleaners

Jane Zellers gives my staff the individualized attention they need. Whether they are a new staff person learning how to use a particular piece of equipment or a seasoned staff member learning a new technique, Jane has the expertise and patience to teach the skills needed.

As a plant owner and manager, Jane helps me establish and maintain plant production measurement, short and long term goals, and plant flow and layout as I continually grow my business.

I have also experienced Jane speak to groups at conferences and conventions. She is an excellent and effective large group presenter as well.


Jan Barlow
Jan’s Cleaners

Mitchell & Kristen Rogers, Rogers Cleaners

Jane is a gifted consultant with an eye for efficiency and quality.  Her guidance is a huge asset to our company.


Mitchell & Kristen Rogers
Rogers Cleaners

Mary Mills, Sir Galloway Fabric Restoration

Jane Zellers is an absolute encyclopedia of dry-cleaning history, knowledge, and experience. For years, Sir Galloway Cleaners has hired her to train, cross train, re-train and observe the operation and flow of our plant.


Jane’s priceless understanding of layout, production, quality, and relocation of machinery is worth its weight in gold … aka equaling more dollars in your pocket. Most recently, Jane has been a priceless advisor, mentor, and expert on helping develop Lady Galloway Gowns, a specialized division greater than before, on the preservation of all gowns including museum and heirloom cleaning. From the spotting techniques to the jacuzzi soaking tubs and photography rooms, Jane’s attention to detail and accumulation of knowledge and contacts from around the US has helped us create this newest specific division like no other in Miami.


Thank you, Jane, for all your continued support, follow up and creative ideas.


Mary Mills
President, Sir Galloway Fabric Restoration

Alonso Corona, Greene's Cleaners, Inc.

I have been working with Jane for over six years and can honestly say she is a major contributor to our innovation and forward progress in our production. Her hands on approach keeps our staff on their toes even when she is not here. She has helped fine tune our production and is committed to improving our company’s goals. She is very easy to work with and I would recommend her professional advice to anyone in this industry.


Alonso Corona
Greene’s Cleaners, Inc.

Sasha Ablitt, Ablitt's Fine Cleaners & Launderers

There is no other consultant in the drycleaning industry that I would give a higher recommendation!  Jane Zellers has been an asset to our business since I joined the industry 7 years ago.

Her industry knowledge covers all facets of the drycleaning business from cleaning to management to equipment. She really knows her stuff!

She ensures that our Wedding Department is always providing our customers the best quality in the industry.  When necessary, she rolls up her sleeves to get the work done, or meets with employees for training.


Sasha Ablitt
Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners & Launderers

Eddie Mannis, Prestige Cleaners

I have worked with Jane for over 15 years. I have always been amazed at her abilities and insight to situations within our plant and her attention to detail. I have used the services of other consultants only to have them alienate employees and treat them less than respectfully. This has never been the case with Jane. She gives 110% in every situation.

Eddie Mannis
Prestige Cleaners

Michael Harris, Oceanside Cleaners

After waiting five years to get on Jane’s rotation, we have had numerous years of fantastic consulting measured in so many ways, especially our bottom line of profit. She taught us the drycleaning bible for production, spotting, finishing and order entry, which has made a major impact on profitability and in this economy it was huge. In addition to Jane coming in to our production facility to help on-site, she also teaches a drycleaning course off site to many of my production employees. I would recommend Jane to anyone serious about their drycleaning business and the profitability of it.


Michael Harris
Oceanside Cleaners

Michael, Tom & Jamie McCormick, McCormick Brothers, Inc.

My brothers and I came into this industry knowing nothing. From the start, we sought the advice from the proven professionals from coast to coast. One of the most common pieces of advice we received was to get Jane Zellers in to your plant. Despite the high demand for her time, we did eventually spend a week with her. Jane brings with her an intimate knowledge of this business from the employer’s and the employee’s perspective. The combination enabled her to have an impact that that was embraced by everyone – something we’ve never seen before or since. Some changes were quickly implemented, others are in the process. Our quality is up, efficiency is up, and our system is better. We’re now set to have Jane in here every year. Jane is the real deal.


Michael, Tom & Jamie McCormick
McCormick Brothers, Inc.
Professional Dry Cleaning Services

Kathleen, Dawn Marie, and David, Crouse’s Cleaners in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

We want to thank you for traveling this distance up north to Alberta, Canada and working with our team at Crouse’s Cleaners. We have huge respect for your knowledge, wisdom and passion for this industry. We will continue to incorporate all of the training, recommendations and changes you have suggested to make a difference in our operations, quality and service.


Kathleen, Dawn Marie, and David Crouse
Crouse’s Cleaners

Sue & Michael Schapiro, Wedding Gown Preservation Company

Jane Zellers has worked as a consultant with our production team at Wedding Gown Preservation for many years. Each year she brings news ideas, improves the flow of each department and increases company morale.

Our employees look forward to her yearly visits as Jane is positive, encouraging, and finds new and easier ways to get the job completed.

Jane also has extensive fabric and garment care knowledge. Jane educates our team members on the best practices so we as a company can achieve the lowest customer claims.

We recommend Jane to any business looking for efficiencies and processing improvement.


Sue & Michael Schapiro
Wedding Gown Preservation Company

Chuck Horst, Margaret's Cleaners

Jane has been an invaluable asset to the development and improvement at Margaret’s Cleaners.  The management and our staff all look forward to her yearly visit. She was instrumental in putting in place our piece work incentive program which greatly assisted in bringing our production costs inline with industry standards.  The report she gives us each year of ways we can improve keep us busy until she visits again.  We highly recommend Jane for any company looking for continual improvement in all facets of the dry cleaning industry.


Chuck Horst
Margaret’s Cleaners